The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission has approved the company. Videforex offers retail clients trading opportunities via their proprietary web trader and mobile application platform. The platform is easy-to-use with simple navigation features. Videforex minimum deposit requirements vary by account type. The Bronze account requires the lowest deposit of $250 or equivalent currency. The broker does not charge an account funding fee, however, third-party fees may apply.

  • He claimed to know all my details so I asked him for my name.
  • My conern, like some others, is if my foolishness has in any way allowed these people to introduce a virus or be able to access my computer remotely – I will check this evening to see if all is well.
  • I pulled out of the conversation the minute they took me to their website and asked for remote access to my PC.

Well I am on my computer all day and my computer did not have any problems. I got another phone call today, telling me my computer had a licensing problems with Windows again I hung up on him. They are calling from blocked numbers to my cell phone. This call sounded like it was a large call center. Next time I think I will follow some other peoples leads and ask them to hold on and go make my lunch and eat it while they wait.

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Your donations, this Ramadan, go to Shaukat Khanum Hospital, where we treat poor cancer patients free of charge. Your donations, go to Shaukat Khanum Hospital, where we treat poor cancer patients free of charge. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Customer service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there is a tiny FAQ area on the broker’s website. They will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Have just had the third call within a week from these people, claiming to be from ‘Windows Technical Engineering Department’ or similar. Nothing identifiable is normally sent from your PC . Neither Microsoft nor any of their limefx courses scam certified partners will ever phone you at home out of the blue. They’re in India, or somewhere – who knows? Nobody’s doing anything about it, so the only thing left is to educate everybody you know and take precautions.

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Just received another call from a group calling themselves the Technical Department of MS Windows. If you’re targeted by such calls, it’s best to put the phone down straight away. All donations made to Imran Khan Cancer Appeal go to Shaukat Khanum Hospital, where we treat poor cancer patients free of charge.

Charting features are slightly limited in the mobile apps, however as far as mobile trading goes, the MetaTrader apps are superior to most mobile platforms. Commissions are charged with the VIP, Standard, and Signature accounts, starting from $0.02 round turn per 0.01 lots. The VIP Black account is commission-free, but there is a monthly subscription charge of $49.95 per month. Just to let folks know that this scam is still continuing … as of today .

  • They aren’t monsters, just misinformed humans desperate to put food on the table.
  • He wanted me to allow him to remotely connect to my computer so she could fix the errors, and probably install something nasty at the same time!
  • Traders who deposit funds with a broker with no regulation do so at their own risk.
  • She knows nothing about computers and entered her bank details.

The strict regulations ensure that TIOMarkets provides a strong level of fund safety for clients. This includes negative balance protection and segregated bank accounts for client money. LimeFX does not currently offer any welcome no deposit bonus deals or promotions. With that said, check out the broker’s website or social media pages for any upcoming deals and competitions.

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For potential investors looking into online brokerage platforms, LimeFX is a terrific option. They have an established track record and offer a wide range of asset classes to trade, as well as a fully functional demo account and excellent customer service. Additional elements (such as in-depth market analysis and investor education) provide the organization with a competitive advantage.

Something should be done to stop this may be software from your phone provider that can block these people. The first time I was nearly taken in as I had a very old computer and it was feasable that ther were lots of errors on it. Only up to the point where the Indian sounding gentleman wanted remote access to my computer though. I was put on to the supervisor who was going to give me the instructions on how to do this. I refused to do what he was asking and he started shouting at me asking why I had wasted HIS time.

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Note, spread betting and crypto trading are not offered. Mitto Markets Facts & Figures Mitto Markets offers multi-asset trading across a range of competitive instruments. The FX Premiere does not offer any client accounts. You can cancel your membership subscription at any time.

Just had another call from the ‘Windows Support Team@ . Told him I knew about the scam, which he denied, and where to get off and that his service was a scam and this time he suggested threateningly that he knew my IP address and I would see what would happen. Just had one today about cyber hackers on my computer, saying they have a software for £60.00, I questioned the indian-sounding girl for which she hung up.

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I wasn’t in and I am the main computer person but he thought he answered as best he could. The Google chap said he was updating sites on the maps and had noticed that we appeared to be logged in the wrong place and that we had two addresses linked to us. My husband directed him to where we were, the Google chap following on a map and then asked which address would we prefer to be linked to us and my husband gave him one of the addresses.

Besides all that, my clients – who are handpicked by the way – are all delighted with the excellent trading conditions. We’ve all been in this industry for long enough to know a good broker when we see one. Thank you Riccardo for your kind feedback! The support team are here to assist you via our 24/5 live chat support or at For a newbie like me, the TIOmarkets platform is amazing.

The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission has granted the company a license . In comparison to a more stringent governing organization like the FCA, the requirements are quite lax. This does not, however, imply that LimeFX is a risky or unreliable platform; orders can be processed in less than half a second while being completely secure.

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Privacy and Security are very important to us here at Microsoft, and we work every day to build great software for the Internet that keeps information safe, secure and private. Can we presume they still have some access so when she goes online to do anything they can access/see what she is doing??? We are reporting it to the police and taking the new laptop to an IT expert to get checked before letting her back on. We have also suggested she changes her home telephone number so if she is on this database it will make accessing her by phone useless hopefully.

But yesterday I got a shock when my quarterly BT phone bill arrived and I found 8 international calls charged to it over the past three months that I had not made – 3 to Australia, 5 to Brazil. I spent hours on the phone to BT who limefx courses scam said the calls were made from my number and I must pay for them. Just received phone call from that obviously very busy Asian-sounding gentleman claiming that my computer had been sending distress signals to ‘Windows Support’.

At this point I did raise my voice as the alarm bells had (finally!) gone off and said there was no way I would pay anyone like this and so the supervisor told me not to shout and he put the phone down. ‘John’ called back and for some reason also put the phone down. My conern, like some others, is if my foolishness has in any way allowed these people to introduce a virus or be able to access my computer remotely – I will check this evening to see if all is well.